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Though I have made a lot of things in my life, not all of them are good enough to get their own page, if they are even still active. (or even if they ever saw the light of day)


QuirkyTshirtsDotCom was a merchandising company created by Jack Earl and Eden McGinnis during their 2nd period Pre-Calculus class out of a lack of wanting to do the work in said pre-calculus class. 

They sold mainly t-shirts, as the brand name implied, but also a singular bucket hat promoting Eden’s twitter account. These t-shirts ranged from simplistic and just saying the word “beans” across the chest to borderline copyright infringement with their “Sonic@10” launch inspired by the group that went to the film on opening night.

Other additions to the company included Keegan Lippert  running the brand twitter account @QuirkyTshirtsDC and adding to the lore as the character “Jorgé Salvadori” the man who was really behind the twitter account. 

Since the end of the website in November of 2020, a return has been teased many times on the brand’s twitter account as well as the website . However, it seems the brand’s time has come to an end alongside the math career of Jack and Eden.


The Elida High School Talent Show
April 2021

Their first venture into live show territory saw Jack Earl and Keegan Lippert writing a talent show for their former high school. In one week. 

After being promised a video copy and then not receiving it, the show lives on only in the memories of those who were present, remembering the show for what it was: About an hour of Jack and Keegan having full creative freedom.

Including such bits as “Keegan Explains Drip to Jack”, “Jack Wasn’t Allowed to Speak at Graduation”, and “The Chuck E. Cheese Eulogy”. Jack and Keegan put on a show that was called “Pretty good” by most attendees. 

Though the show now only lives on in the memories of the attendees and the 10-page script that contains more jokes than were allowed to be said on stage, we will never forget the cultural impact that was had when Keegan went out on stage and ate an apple. 

The College Email Project

Due to the sheer volume of emails I receive from colleges on a daily basis, I set up an auto-reply system to return their emails to me with a small paragraph asking them to fill out a survey if they really wanted me to attend their college. 

However, due to the nature of mass-sent emails, replying to them only sends it back to whatever service they are using to send emails, and not the actual college. Thus, the project was short-lived and didn’t really work out. I only received one response to the survey in the end.