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Jack Earl Presents: A Changelog

updated 7/13/22

Newly Released Projects

I Guess We're Adults Now

After what can only be defined as "way too long since their last project", Keegan Lippert and Jack Earl have reunited yet again to present "I Guess We're Adults Now (", the second most complicated domain Jack owns.

Beginning with their premiere sketch "Death and Taxes", future collabrative efforts (with some exceptions) will be hosted on the aforementioned website and on the YouTube channel of the same name.

The MIPS System

Once again, getting bored leads to an unprecedented project from Jack Earl. The MIPS System is a new TTRPG system now entering a beta testing environment. All documentation is available at and gameplay is available simply at

MIPS is a system based on 6 stats and the concept that failure leads to greater success by utilizing growing and evolving stats throughout the game.

Note that the MIPS system is in a beta testing environment and any/all things about it may change before full release and a full release may not happen depending on if it is actually fun to play or not. Please submit all feedback to

Upcoming Projects


With multiple scripts in the work, I do have upcoming projects, but none that are quite ready to be shared yet. However, in the writing of the MIPS system, I have learned some things that will definitely be of help coming up soon 🙂

Nothing Can Last Forever.

Site Changes

"The Podcast With Only One Episode" page has been moved under the "I Guess We're Adults Now" section

Multiple deprecated pages have been privated for consistency and concise-ness